1. Award Entries

Crafting and submitting award entries is both an art and a science. I can help you choose which award(s) to enter and which award categories to select. My packages include a start-to-finish award entry writing and submission service or a ‘Lite Touch’ where the you fill in the gaps of my framework entry OR you do the groundwork and I lick into shape.


2. Award Wizard Workshops

Learn the craft by booking a place on an Award Wizard Workshop or arrange a workplace training session for the whole team. Workplace training can be a neat solution – particularly if you can club together with colleagues in other parts of the organisation to share cost.

3. Judging Awards, Partnering and Speaking Opportunities

I’m happy to accept invitations to serve on judging panels or support your programme as a non-financial partner to drive up award entries and help to whip up enthusiasm through my networks.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for a networking event, seminar or conference, I may be just what you are looking for.

Ready to blow some socks off?